Website Care Plans

Maintenance plans for your website.

Unfortunately, owning a website is never set and forget. 

Like a car, your website has to be regularly serviced¬† to ensure things don’t break down over time.

There has recently been many security risks involving hacks and exploits which have made website care even more of a priority.

Best case scenario? A page on your website might break, 30 minutes later, easy fix. At worst? Your entire site, emails & database might be wiped clean unexpectedly.

That’s why it’s important to keep your website backend up to date with all the latest updates, plugins and core installs.

Axiom Responsive Website Mockup


$ 99
  • Firewall & SSL certification
  • Install WordPress security plugins
  • Automated backups prior to every update
  • Cleanup & assistance after security breach
  • Full review of site after maintenance, issue/bugs patched
  • Management of all core, plugin, theme updates on a weekly basis


$ 159
  • All basic maintenance features
  • Email, phone & live chat technical support
  • Website updates
  • Database maintenance
  • Audits, broken link checks, contact forms, testing
  • Basic SEO optimisations