Social Media & Community Management

Our social managers care about seeing your business succeed. We carefully manage all aspects of your online presence by staying up to date with all the current #trends

What does a Social Media manager do?

A lot. Let us explain.

Our Social Media Managers do everything you don’t have time for. You’ve got a business to run in the real world. We get it.

We’re here to make your life a bit easier by running your businesses digital life for you. Well, sort of.

  • Ad Creation & Management
  • Respond to Negative & Positive Reviews
  • Comments & User Engagement
  • Regular Posting & Updates

What is the objective of Social Media in the first place? Good question. Every business should have some form of Social Media presence. No matter what. Social Media not only shows users you exist, but is helps you build your brand in ways you never imagined.

Your digital business should reflect your offline business and therefore the digital position of your website. We will monitor user engagement and drive qualified users from social platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn to your business. While doing so, the relationship between you and your potential customers grows stronger.

However, It’s not all about Likes & Comments. We want your users to feel a connection with your brand. We achieve this by taking our time to build unique creative assets and sharing them on your social media platforms on a regular basis.

What Social Media pages do we manage?

To name a few...

Facebook Management

As Facebook page managers, we consistently create & post content for your followers. When creating posts we always ensure we have a mixture of branded, product/service focused, as well as fun, informative and engaging content.

Most Facebook campaigns focus on increasing engagement, interest levels & conversations about the business/ And by boosting content we will be delivering ads to a relevant & interested audience. Furthermore, our managers check-in to your page daily and respond to messages and comments.

Instagram Management

As Instagram Managers, our job is to consistently create & post content every week. We run promoted ad campaigns to better target and grow your following all the while sharing relevant industry news and information that further reinforcers your business as an expert and industry leader. Yes, there will be hashtags. We ensure we stay up to date with all the relevant trends including the use of the right hashtags on posts and images.

LinkedIn Management

As Linkedin Managers, we understand that the demographics & audiences are completely different than that of Facey and The Gram. This is is why we research what type of content LinkedIn Users are more likely to digest given the platform they are using. A Facebook or Instagram post will not necessarily work well on LinkedIn and vice versa. We keep this in mind when managing every aspect of your business on LinkedIn.

Thinking about handing over the reigns of your Social Media Campaign? Let's talk about it.

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