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SEO Audits for Melbourne Businesses

If you’re a business in Melbourne interested in an SEO Audit of your website, Axiom Digital are your people.

At Axiom Digital, we provide your business with an in-depth SEO Audit, giving you all the information you need to ensure your website is SEO-friendly in the eyes of Google.

What does our small business SEO Audit cover?

During the course of our SEO Audit we will analyse your website and how it appears online. We will look at three main areas;

  • Technical SEO (trust)
  • On Site SEO (relevance)
  • Off Site SEO (authority)

In order to increase the chances of Google ranking your site on the first page, they have to trust you will provide their users with a good experience; you have to have content relevant to a user’s search query, and you have to have authority in your industry.

We look at known ranking factors across all these areas to establish the current state of your website.

By doing this we are able to identify any gaps, developing a targeted strategy that will deliver maximum value and help improve your small businesses presence online.

Once our audit is complete, we put together our findings in and well-designed and easy-to-follow document that we will present to you in full detail.

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Companies We've Worked With

Technical Audit

Technical SEO is about laying a strong foundation that will give your content the best chance to rank.

We will look at elements that will ensure your website is accurately portrayed to search engines and provides a great experience to users. The aim is to identify any issues which may be inhibiting your websites ability to rank online.

On-Site Audit

This involves an assessment of your on site (or on-page) SEO. We do this by measuring your website against a series of checks that are fundamental elements requiring optimisation and implementation to meet Google’s standards.

As the name suggests, these are elements that appear on the pages of your website.

Off-Site Audit

Off site (or off-page) SEO refers to factors external from your website that can impact the ability for your business to rank on Google. Off site SEO helps build authority, with links playing a big part in this. It makes sense that if you are an authority in your industry other reputable websites will be linking to you. The strength of your brand is another authority signal — the more authority you have, the more people will be searching directly for your business.

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